The Nurturing Program

A inter-generational domestic violence prevention program that is culturally responsive to Latinx families with children. The model adapts and expands on the evidence-based Nurturing Program curriculum for Parents and Their School-Age Children 5-11 years.

The Nurturing Program is family-based intervention where parents and their children learn similar knowledge and skills for improving the quality of their lives. ELAWC has adapted the curriculum to focus on family and domestic violence prevention.

The goals are:

  • To increase parents’/caregivers’ capacities (knowledge and skills) to use non-violent, nurturing parenting practices that promote self-esteem and resiliency in their children.

  • To improve constructive communication among all members of the family.

  • To build the natural support networks and sense of community among participating families that endure beyond their participation in the program.

Sessions will begin in September
For further information, contact Alejandra Aguilar: [email protected]
800 . 585 . 6231