Youth Leadership Development

                                                                                                                       Photo Credit: Karla Ortiz

Youth who express a deeper interest in working with ELAWC are invited to participate in the 40 hour Youth Leadership Development Training.

The program focuses on youth, their families,and communities. An eight-session training that begins with a mandatory orientation that will provide youth with information geared at increasing their awareness, knowledge, and understanding of sexual assault violence and its impact. At the heart of the program there are cultural protective factors that build and reinforce the values of dignity and respect for all relationships.

Once they have completed the 40 hour training they have the option to continue their work with the center as Youth Advocates. These means they are committing to 5-7 hours monthly of outreach and tabling, attending community events, peer to peer education and additional training. 

Las Mariposas club:

    • Our youth organizers have also created a club at their school called “Las Mariposas” with the sole focus of strengthening youth leadership and self-development through literature analysis, journaling, and critical thinking as a learning process to become youth mentors in their communities. Hence the name Las Mariposas (The Butterflies) , just like butterflies have different phases that they need to get through before  they change into these beautiful, breathtaking insects; Everyone in the club is going to go through some transformation and eventually spread awareness.  


2023 Youth Empowerment Summit 




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