Parties, Vibes and the Reality of Sexual Assault Collide in film written by youth – TRIGGER

A powerful story about friendship, empathy, and healing 

On April 28, 2022, East Los Angeles Women’s Center announced the premiere of its first-ever self-produced short film, “TRIGGER,” a powerful film dedicated to shedding light on the critical issue of sexual assault. TRIGGER made an exclusive community debut as part of the INVINCIBLE Immersive Multi-Media Experience on Sexual Assault Awareness Month.  The screening was followed by a Q+A with Director Juan Escobedo, the actors, and the writers. 

The 6-minute short film brings to life the story of best friends Valentina and Max. While at a party she is triggered and recalls a traumatic sexual assault experience, which she reveals to Max. Thinking he won’t understand, she’s surprised by his empathy and his encouragement to seek help.  

ELAWC Youth conceptualized, wrote, and starred in the film along with up-and-coming talent: Emily Moussa, Hector Torres (Papi Chulo), and Cesar Andres Cervantes.  TRIGGER was written and produced by ELAWC Youth Empowerment Program, and directed by Award-Winning Director, Juan Escobedo, Founder of TELASOFA, the East LA Society of Film and Arts.


Now, on May 16, 2024, for Mental Health Awareness Month, ELAWC is proud to announce the availability of TRIGGER to advocates, educators and community members. The film is accompanied by a comprehensive facilitator's guide. 

We warmly invite you to download and utilize these tools as a means to foster awareness and provoke meaningful discussions within your communities and networks. Join us in our commitment to change by integrating 'Trigger' into your educational and advocacy efforts.

While the toolkit is free, donations to support youth services at ELAWC are welcomed and greatly appreciated. Your generosity enables us to share TRIGGER and its message more widely. Please donate hereTogether, we can nurture a culture of awareness, prevention, and empowered safety. 



FACILITATOR'S GUIDE:         Download Here

MORE INFORMATION:        ELAWC Youth Program, [email protected] 323-526-5819 


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