Promotoras Contra la Violencia









Promotoras Contra la Violencia is a nationally recognized peer-education curriculum and development program that was designed to provide comprehensive leadership training to Latina women. As a result, women educate other community members about specific issues related to domestic and sexual violence in Latin@ communities. The curriculum is based on an intersection of the Promotora model of peer-education within Latin@ communities, evidence on leadership training, and practice-based experiences of Lead Promotoras. The goal of the program is to provide women with the leadership capacity to create and facilitate talleres (workshops) in multiple group settings.

Utilizing an empowerment approach Promotoras seek to promote health by increasing people’s feelings of power and control over their lives. As a result, their self-esteem improves.

Through the trainings and power circles, Promotoras are empowered to make personal changes and are encouraged to collaborate with other women to sustain change, develop awareness and build personal skills.

With this model we seek to influence the belief to take action and to seek help by having Promotoras deliver the program with the goal of providing support for sustained healing and changes

Core Elements of the Model

  • A commitment to end violence against women and girls in our respective communities.
  • Capacity to provide culturally responsive, trauma informed services.
  • Ability to recruit, engage and mobilize mujeres from the community to become Promotoras.
  • A commitment to long term support and career development for Promotoras.
  • Capacity to link and connect survivors to community resources.
  • Create collectives of women who can support and sustain one another.




For more information on training your community, contact Veva Lopez at [email protected]


800 . 585 . 6231