Promotora Collectives

Promotoras Contra la Violencia Collectives builds cohesiveness and support among the Promotoras and the communities served.


The Collectives focus on: Awareness, Prevention and Support; and provide services, linkages to resources, advocacy and community mobilization focused on prevention, and increasing awareness. Two Lead Promotoras co-facilitate Promotoras Training; facilitate educational/healing circles, recruit and train other community Latinas to become Promotoras, provide survivors with linkages to care and community resources, and engage in advocacy for survivors.

Monthly power circles at each collective include ongoing training on topics such as public speaking, advocacy, community resources, and impact of trauma. Healing circles also are available for the Promotoras, a non-traditional, safe space for women to talk and process their feelings. Many Promotoras are survivors and the healing circles facilitated by a ELAWC staff provide them with a culturally preferred way for them to begin to address the trauma they have experienced, to heal and engage in mutual support.

Our Collectives of Community and Industrial Promotoras are organized throughout Los Angeles County:

East/Southeast Los Angeles

Boyle Heights


South Los Angeles

Long Beach Collective

Janitor's Collective

800 . 585 . 6231