All My Relations - Violence Prevention Program

All My Relationships

ELAWC’s All My Relationships prevention-based curriculum encourages young Latinas (14-24) to learn about healthy relationships and to become agents of social change.

The program focuses on Latinas, their partners or male friends, their parents and their communities, and presents gender specific, culturally- based and comprehensive prevention education. Activities include: education prevention sessions for both females and males, a gender specific youth development component, parent workshops, school and community awareness, and linkages to services.

The curriculum is based on a series of workshops that draw upon a social-ecological model, engaging young Latinas, their families, partners, friends, and communities. 

Through collaboration with local schools and organizations, the four-hour “Healthy Relationships” workshop aims to increase awareness among youth about teen dating violence and encourage them to create healthy lifestyle decisions. 

Individuals who express a deeper interest in working with ELAWC are invited to participate in the 16 hour Youth Leadership Development Training. In this training, participants are encouraged to think critically about social justice and to strengthen their reading and writing skills through literature analysis and journaling.

Upon completion of the Youth Leadership Development Training graduates are invited to become ELAWC Youth Advocates. Youth Advocates become active agents of social change in the community by giving presentations, conducting workshops, and working resource fairs ~ paving the way for healthier relationships and safer communities.

The goals of the project are:

  1. Reduce the incidence of sexual and relationship violence among adolescents and young adult women.
  2. Provide sexual assault, date rape prevention and interpersonal violence education to adolescent girls and young adult women.
  3. Raise awareness of sexual assault and date rape and interpersonal violence among male partners and their friends of adolescent girls and young adult women.
  4. Increase awareness of sexual and teen violence among the parents of participating adolescent girls.
  5. Increase community awareness of sexual and teen violence among teens and young adult women by implementing a model that interplays between individual, relationship, community, and societal factors.


If you would like ELAWC to provide the “Healthy Relationships” Workshop at your school of organization, please contact: [email protected]

800 . 585 . 6231