Hope & Heart Project


The Hope & Heart Project is a hospital-based emergency shelter for survivors of sexual and domestic violence. The first of its kind in the nation, Hope & Heart serves as a bridge between crisis and a solution for stability.

Domestic violence is the immediate cause of homelessness for many women and their children. Survivors of domestic violence are often isolated from support networks and financial resources by their abusers.   A report published by LAHSA in May 2016 reported that 18% of the total population (7,868 people) had a history of physical or sexual abuse, including domestic or intimate partner violence and/or stalking.  In 2015, nearly 65 percent of all homeless women reported that they had been victims of domestic violence. 

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors has stated they are committed to exploring ways to ensure individuals and families fleeing domestic violence have adequate housing and services. The Hope & Heart project is an immediate response to a crisis with hope that we collectively can save families from separation and further harm.

For immediate support, please call our Crisis Hotline 800.585.6231 and an advocate will connect you with someone who can help with your housing emergency needs.

800 . 585 . 6231